Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30

The last days in Laurel are coming to a close; everyone is moving out, and there will never be a time when everyone will live on the same hall. I have two finals in the morning, but there comes a time when making memories seems to outweigh the fact you need to study. So some of us decided to go to Rita's (in our nike shorts, without makeup and dodging sundown in the city) instead of studying, and now I am making my first ever blog. Hoping to keep up with each other over the summer, this blog is an attempt to stay close even though we are all far apart. Even though I definitely need to get off of this, (I am getting more addicted by the second), I am making memories. I will pay for my decision to not study another day (like in the morning at 8:00) but for the time being, I am content and happy knowing that things are about to really change for this summer and for the rest of our lives.