Sunday, May 17, 2009

finally home

Tonight, my family and I completed the 16 hour drive home to Houston, Texas. It was a long drive, but definitely not as bad as I was expecting :) We decided to split up the trip over two days, instead of going straight, which was a better idea. But yesterday, my family and I loaded up the car from Nashville, after my sister's high school graduation, and headed for Slidell, Louisiana. We got to Slidell around 8:00 pm last night, after going through a lot of rain, but stayed in a hotel and recharged for the next full day of driving. We decided to stop in New Orleans for a while, which was fun. Except, we had our dog with us because he is like another child in our family and he doesn't do well when we board him at the vet :) so Buddy walked (most of the time was carried) through the French Quarter.

The New Orleans trip started out dry, however the rain came in and we definitely didn't have umbrellas :) but it was more fun walking around in the rain. The picture above is of St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter. My dog wanted to walk around though, and he got dirty, which was not good because we still had a ways to go in the car. haha.

When you carry a dog around New Orleans, you instanty gain a million more friends, and everyone wants to talk to you. haha. (Which was a funny experience). The picture above is of my dog, Buddy. We took turns carrying him around. As you can tell he is definitely a spoiled dog who gets whatever he wants :)

We ate at Cafe Du Monde, which was fun because I love beignets :) They are kind of like a French Doughnut.. but they are something you can't really find any where else but in Louisiana. Come visit me and we will go eat them for sure :)

But now I am home sweet home in Texas! This next week I will be getting ready for camp! yay! I leave for camp on Saturday! It's so weird that the day I have been waiting for is so close now!

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