Monday, May 18, 2009


Today, my sister and I went shopping. We ran to REI and got some things for camp, and started getting my theme night clothes together. For my "What you want to be when you grow up night" I got some scrubs.. haha, which is definitely ironic considering I could never be a nurse! But its a cuter outfit than what I really want to be :) we ate lunch at my new favorite restaurant.. Freebirds. I really wish they had one in Tennessee; maybe I should open one. I really love Moe's in Knoxville, but this place puts Moe's to shame.. for sure! I had been trying to not drink carbonated drinks (my favorite).. like diet dr. pepper, but today, after 2 weeks, I caved. haha. 2 weeks is the longest I have been without my addiction. I was quite proud. haha. But I am loving this family time, only a few more days until camp! yay!

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